Friday, October 16, 2009

Thematic Photographic 71 - Open

After a break away from providing weekly photo themes (due to family circumstances), Carmi is back these week with a challenge.

"This week's theme, open, comes to us courtesy of Mojo. It's a great theme for me to return to, as it represents what lies ahead, what's possible, what awaits us and how we intend to make it ours. It's a lovely little metaphor for life, and I think it'll be good for the soul - mine and, hopefully, yours - to explore it and ponder the bigger meaning."

I might be swaying away from the bigger meaning of this theme a little. But isn't half of the fun seeing other people's take on an idea?? I think so.

This past weekend was our annual weekend long camping reunion. We hold it on the second weekend of October every year.

Friday afternoon, my "home" was open to one participant, new to the traditional weekend - Sugar.

She found her way into my tent through the open door...and spent all afternoon napping there. I never would have imagined my tent was going to be feline housing for the day.

It was just one of many surprises for the weekend. :-)


Brook said...

I had a grey cat named Sugar when I lived in Oklahoma. I want to get Blue harness/leash trained. It'll make it easier when we take those long car trips we seem to be so fond of. Hope you reunion was fun-who am I kidding? Of course it was fun!

Nej said...

They take Sugar camping with them everywhere they go now. She does fairly well in the harness, but it will get better as she gets used to it.

She spent a while climbing on everything she could, meowing, just not the happiest...until she made her way into my tent. She was quiet, and just hung out the rest of the afternoon in there. If it hadn't been so cold that night, I would have had her come sleep with me. :-)

Badass Geek said...

We had a cat once that we tried to use a harness on. It did not go over well.

At all.