Thursday, September 17, 2009

PROMPTUESDAY #73: Sniglet...wasn't he a friend of Pooh?

San Diego Momma's done it again. She's posted a PrompTuesday challenge that has piqued my curiosity.

Sniglets. Remember
them? Defined as “words that don’t appear in the dictionary but should,” sniglets defined my generation. Make up some sniglets!

Making up words?? I love making up words!!! I do it all the time!!!!

Really....I do.

Mot, back me up on this one. :-)

If only I'd write them down.


The only thing I can think of is a phrase I used once, while talking about Karma.

I'll give you a little back story first.....

I can't call in to work sick because, inevitably, the next day I actually AM sick.

Most people would say it's because I was thinking about it too much, so my brain made it happen.

"The brain is a powerful thing."

Yada, yada, yada.

I, on the other hand, believe it's Karma.

She spends her days having fun, playing golf, shopping for shoes, and singing on Broadway.

What?? You think the whole "what comes around, goes around" gig is a full time job??

Every once and a while, her iPhone will come alive while eating at a bistro in France, or sunning on the shores of Belize.

It will play Aretha Franklin's Respect.

(The actual song. Not the Musak cell phone version.)

She'll pull it out of her pocket, and see she has a message.

"Nej skipped worked today. She called in sick. She's not sick."

She'll calmly put her phone away, tell the cute cabana boy that she'll be back for her drink order and massage later, jump into her Bugatti Veyro and drive to Omaha, NE (which, in a Bugatti, takes exactly 4.5 seconds from anywhere in the world).

She will sneak into my house, pull a glass vial filled with the Common Cold from her Yves Saint Laurent white alligator handbag, and proceed to infect my cell phone, toothbrush, and all the round handled silverware in our drawer, with a solution from the vial.

(I use the ones with rounded handle ends because the pointy ones hurt the palm of my hand.)

Karma knows no bounds. She's ruthless.

So.....having said all of that, I present to you my sniglet.

KarMADically challenged (noun)
mental condition: being unable to lie due to a fear of Karma and her silverware-infecting, toothbrush-tampering tactics


Badass Geek said...


I'll have to put some work into thinking up some of my own. Neat idea.

Brook said...

Yeah that sounds about right.

Mot said...

Nice Bugatti mention..

that is what watching topgear will get you.

Nej said...

I figured you'd catch that. :-) And maybe Sharon, if she was watching with Billy. :-) :-)

Lyvvie said...

Sniglets are great! I saw rich Hall a few years ago live and near the end of his show he asked the audience if we have any questions and to this day I kick myself for not asking if he still made up sniglets because I wasn't sure if was him - and of course it was!

So since you asked, my mind has gone blank except for the word "Reintrojection" which I use to refer to one coming off a detox diet and running straight back to reintroducing caffeine so fast I have to inject it to satisfy my urge. Or whatever post-diet crash-n-burn binge item one chooses.

Top Gear rocks.

Nej said...

Reintrojection - I know exactly what you mean. I reintrojected allot of things last week.....fat, sugar, caffeine, the works! :-)

San Diego Momma said...

That is the best Sniglet back story EVER.

Nej said...

@ SDM - thanks!!!!! :-) :-)