Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update #30: New Mexico (part 4)

By the time Friday afternoon rolled around....everyone was fairly stressed out and tired.

Once visits to the lawyer, the bank, and 40 misc other phones calls were made, everyone took the afternoon off.

Besides Amarillo, TX (which is nearly 2 hours away), there are no towns to visit, no sites to see...unless you drive a minimum of 3 hours. In any direction.


The best I could come up with was the Museum of Pharmacy (2 hours away), or the local community college dinosaur museum.

So.....Mom, Kent, Linda, Mot and I all loaded up in the Jeep and drove to Santa Fe, NM. Nearly 4 hours away.

And, because of the time of day we left...we'd only be able to spend a couple of hours there before having to turn around and come home.

But we were desperate......

The road to Santa Fe was just as straight and flat as the rest of the driving we'd done that week.

But cloud cover, and isolated thunderstorms made the views more dramatic.

Santa Fe is a pretty cool town. We weren't there all that long....but we did enjoy the time we spent.

First stop, lunch at a nice little Spanish cuisine place.

Mot, on his way to the restroom, made friends with this gentlemen. He was a musician scheduled to perform in the bar later that night.

Because of the time we stopped in, we had one of the dining rooms all to ourselves.

After we finished eating....we walked on Canyon Road for a while. Canyon Road is a fine art district in Santa Fe. Everything we found was a little out of our price range, but it was fun to walk the streets, enjoy the atmosphere, and drool over some pretty amazing artwork. :-)

For some reason, I was fascinated by doors that day.

There are quite a few more door pictures like these. Don't ask, I have no idea!! :-)

We were less than excited about the drive home. We passed the time playing "what's that cloud look like to you?"....and "the pastors cat."

The pastor's cat is a very___ cat. Then you fill in the blank using each letter of the alphabet.

Each person gets a new letter, but must first repeat the letters that have gone before them.

Grandiose (Gobsmacked, Grumpy.........every time it went around, the letter G changed.)
Supercalifragilistic (spell check hates this word - go figure!!)
Xanadu loving

More of grandpa's requested rain pelted us during the last half hour of our trip....I love a good thunderstorm!!!!

We got back to Tucumcari around 10 pm. Walt and Jo (grandpa's sister) had arrived in town while we were we stopped in at their hotel to say hi.

But the group of us didn't last long, before we drove across the street, and went to bed. Saturday was going to be a very long and busy day.


Brook said...

I love the picture of the storm there at the end. On that long trip we took so many years ago I was constantly amazed by how flat everything was and how you could see so far into the distance-not enthralled mind you but usually there are trees or hills or mountains to break all that horizon up. The reason for the trip is indeed a sad one but finding little happy moments isn't a bad thing either.

Nej said...

It wasn't a happy trip...but we made the best of it. I think that's part of living life....and I know you agree. :-)

I took SOOO many cloud pictures, you'd laugh. In fact, there are more cloud pictures than door pictures. What a strange trip it was. :-)

Brook said...

Gotta keep living...this I know and finding the smiles is essential.
I would never laugh at a crazy number of cloud pictures-I mean I have thousands of pictures of rocks for pete's sake. And blurry flowers and red caterpillars and hippopotomi and and and...well you get the picture ;)

Goody Two Shoes said...

Did you get a picture of the cloud that looked like the guy playing a banjo? Or tuning the banjo? That was my favorite. Whether it's good or bad we can always find the fun in any situation. Maybe we're just strange.