Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend Update #30: New Mexico (part 2)

My grandfather was a HUGE model train hobbyist.


Brandon and Lauren played with grandpa's trains as much as they possibly could while we were in town.

But they weren't the only ones the trains spoke to.

It was hard seeing the trains dusty and dirty.

My sister and hubby and disassembling the who thing, and taking it home to put in their basement for the kids.

Grandpa would be tickled!!!

In 1995, grandpa met a man in town....there to paint road signs (or something like that). He was in need of a place to stay...and grandpa had the perfect thing to exchange for room and board.

Do you see the artwork on the wall around the trains?

The artist, Mr. Aksamit (per the signature on the mural) loved to cook. Grandpa was fine with it....but had only one request, that he never use the oven.

Grandpa said his oven was clean, and he wanted to keep it that way.

Now that's MY kind of housecleaning plan. Don't have to clean it, if you don't use it. :-)

Although, there were so many stories flying around about grandpa that I'd never heard...the oven story may have happened with one of the other thousand people he took into his house.

It's one of the things I love about Mot, in a way he reminds me of grandpa....never afraid to talk to a stranger.

After grandpa's memorial service, the ladies of the church put on a fellowship. Mot spent most of that time in the kitchen with those ladies...getting recipes and just chatting them up.

One of them stopped by grandpa's house later that afternoon, with a bag full of hot peppers. The same ones she'd used in her pico de gallo recipe. The recipe that sent Mot to the kitchen in the first place!!

That town is full of wonderful people!!!!

This is a picture mom found while going through grandpas drawer of pictures. Grandpa is in the chair, the man in front is the artist that painted the mural.


Badass Geek said...

The grandfather of a friend I had growing up used to have a train setup like that. I always was in awe of it.

Nej said...

I've always wanted a big setup. We had one when I was younger, but it didn't last long. Unfortunately it didn't grasp hold of our little girl minds.

But....when my sister gets it set up in her basement...I'll be down there all the time.

Brook said...

Holy maloly what a set up! Too bad the murals can't be cut out and transfered too. The legacy that your grandfather has left through his kindness will go on, no doubt about it.

Nej said...

We explored taking the walls with us....cutting the dry wall right out of the room....but its' really brittle....the damage done to the artwork would be severe. So...we're going to take allot of pics, and recreate it somehow. Not nearly as good...but is better than nothing. :-)