Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update #27: Running Shoes, Toe Length, and Homemade Pizza

I came home Friday after work, and decided to pay bills. It's on e of those things I just never seem to be able to find time or motivation to do. Call it being lazy, call it procrastination....

I blame it on being in the accounting field for so long. Kinda like a housekeeper not wanting to clean her own home....or a landscaper grimacing when he has to mow his own lawn.

Pay own? Ugh!!! :-)

But, just like going to work...or shopping for groceries, it had to be done.

(insert overly dramatic sigh here)

Saturday morning was nice. I tried to sleep in.....but at 7:30 I just couldn't lay in bed any longer. I got up, jumped in the shower, then sat down on the couch to do a little reading while waiting for my lions mane of hair to give up it's fight to hold 7 pounds of water for the entire day.

To say it takes forever to dry it, is an enormous understatement!

Mot was up not long after I decided to welcome the day with open arms.

We headed out into town....our spend embarrassing large amounts of money.

OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration.

But...we did have to hit an ATM at one point in the day, because we reached the daily maximum we had imposed on our debit card.

Not because we can't control ourselves, but because we're both paranoid about having our debit card stolen, and used at gas stations, fast food establishments, and electronics stores across America.

I had gone to the local running store for a Mizuno shoe fitting earlier in the week. Mizuno had it's mobile "lab" in town, and I wanted to have my feet officially measured to see if I was wearing the correct shoes for running.

I wasn't.

After seeing me run, the manager of the store ended up putting me in something completely different that he thought would fit my gait the best. But, when I went to try them on...he found they didn't have my size in stock. So we were going to go back Saturday, so I could try them on and see if they'd work.

After a run around their indoor track, I ended up buying them. I'll wear them to the gym and really try them out this week. Seems my outstanding flexibility and my high arches are too much for the shoes I'm wearing now.

From there we took advantage of a 60% off sale on a memory foam mattress topper for our bed. (I've been watching the ads for a sale on these things for a little while now.) Besides making our bed feel luxurious, it also mutes the movement Mot makes while sleeping.

He's one of those guys that can't sit still during the day....and that tendency follows him to bed.

From there we hit Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop for a new duck call for Mot. He only has one, and wanted another to add variety to his calling this year. Cabela's ticked him off (to say the least) so we headed to Bass Pro (where the service was much better).

Just as we were leaving Bass Pro, I got a text from the boys. "What 'cha doin'?"

I told them we were out spending money.

They were at their golf league picnic and wanted us to come by. It was being hosted by some close friends of theirs, Val and Dee.

I was hesitant to crash their golf party, but they assured us we were welcome.

And he told us they had margaritas.


The boys relaxing on Val and Dee's deck.

(Danny has been giving me crap about the number of times he's on my blog.)

Mot was drinking margaritas out of a Casper glass...I had Count Dracula! :-)

The GORGEOUS deck and back patio at the golf party!!!

The party cleared out not too long after we arrived, so it was just the 6 of us left. We sat around their patio table talking and laughing. I'd met the gals once at a hockey game, but it was nice getting to know them better!!!!

At one point in the afternoon, we started taking about the length of toes. Altogether length, if your second toe is longer than your first toe, etc, etc.

We left their place about 7....or was it 8? The four of us headed to our place to play cards.

I think we called it quits about 10....or was it 11?

Sunday morning started similar to the day before. Except it was Mot that got up first. I stayed in bed and read...then finally drug myself out.

Best Buy was offering a sale on iPod nanos.....and since my old one holds a charge for just over 30 was time to bite the bullet and replace it. (I got the orange one. The color is so much cooler in real life. More of an orangy rust.)

Yes, I'd love to replace it with an iPod classic, or touch......but I just can't justify the money....on coolness alone. The nano will do everything I need it to...period.

We hit the grocery store really quick then headed home. I spent the afternoon finishing Jim Butcher's book Turn Coat, charging and syncing the new iPod.

I also spent some time sticking my nose into my new running shoes. Man I love that smell! And, you can only enjoy it until you use them the first I was taking advantage of the time I still had.

To run without pain....I can't wait!!!!

I eventually found myself enjoying the new mattress topper in our bedroom.

Afternoon naps rock!!!!

Mot made an excellent pizza for dinner. Homemade wheat ciabatta bread crust, homemade sauce, turkey pepperoni and sausage. Yum!!!

The rest of the evening was lazy......we watched the finale of Food Networks, The Next Food Network Star. Then I sat down at my laptop, and Mot went up to play on the computer in the den.


mo.stoneskin said...

I'm glad you warned me. I was planning on stealing your debit card this week but with that limit in place I think I won't bother.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I wish I had known about the iPod sale at Best Buy. I could have gotten some of my Christmas shopping out of the way.

Badass Geek said...

That pizza looks heavenly.

Nej said...

@ mo - Please don't tell me you were planning on stealing my debit card, without stopping by to say hi and have a pint!!! :-)

@ mjenks - I'm sure you'll see them on sale quite a bit between now and the holidays. No worries. :-)

@ Badadd - it WAS heavenly!!! Eating the last of it for lunch today, sadly.

Slyde said...

ive noticed that you seem to talk about shoes and toes quite often...

do you have a secret foot fetish that you havent fessed up to yet? :)

Nej said...

@ Slyde, if asked what my favorite part of my body is...I'd probably say my feet. Funny ,eh?

And, surprisingly enough, I wasn't the one that started the toe length conversation. :-)

Hmmmmm...but you've made me assess the more foot talk, I swear. (until Saturday, when my next shoe post comes out)


Amy said...

Oh my i wwant that pizza....I am licking my screen.....lick lick-sorry-I cant help it

Nej said...

@ Amy - just make sure you wipe off your screen when you're done. Slobber is a pain to remove once it dries. :-)

Izzy said...

Seems like we spend most of our weekends at Bass Pro ... and boy, that pizza looks delish!!

Nej said...

@ Izzy - Ours has a Starbucks. Does yours? Those people were thinking! :-)

Brook said...

Dramatic(overly) sighs are where it's at. I do like the orange color of the nano, I think my fav color is the blue-no wait the green...oh well. D and I had alot of fun at the Bass Pro shop in FL and passed by a HUGE one in TN that we didn't have time to stop at. I love my feet and especially my toesies, and I do look at other peoples feet. Keaneau Reeves moved down my to do list a little after I saw his feet in "The Day the Earth Stood Still", it's not a fetish though-not at all!

Nej said...

@ Brook, when it comes to guys, I'm a leg gal myself. But feet are definitely important. Hubby's feet aren't ugly....but he has the longest toes!!!!! :-)

I stood at Best Buy with the blue, green and orange nanos in my hands for quite some time. It took forever to decide between them all. Blue went out of the running first.....then it was between green and orange. That orange in real list is just plain awesome. More copperish, than anything. :-)

Anonymous said...

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