Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Update #18, Anniversaries, new houses, and straight hair.

The weekend started off pretty casual actually. No real plans so to speak. Which was nice!!


After work Friday, I headed to Gretna, NE to see my sister's brand new (to her) house!!! She's so excited and it's so cute.

I, being the quiet one, was not jumping up and down (on the outside, that is). I'm so excited for her, and so proud.

The minute I walked in the door, the kids wanted to give me the tour. They are sooo cute!!! Bug walked into his room and starting jumping up and down. (actually, they both did) "This is my room!!!!!!!!"

Lauren had to take me into her closet, so she could show me their "secret communication." Their closets share a wall, and they can knock on the walls to each other and such.

She just stared at me with wide eyes when I told her that her mother and I used to do that exact same thing when we were their ages!!! :-)

From the house, we went to Famous Dave's for dinner. Inny and Doug's anniversary (11 years, I think) was the very next day.

(How's that for an anniversary gift....a new house!!!) :-)

Doug's parents, younger sister and my mom were also there. We talked our waiter into bringing out a dessert to celebrate the anniversary. Mainly because people all around us were having bday desserts brought out. With HUGE, FLAMING fireworks shooting sparks!!!!

I was trying to get Doug to look at me, and literally JUST as I hit the button to take the picture, our flame went out. You can tell in this picture Doug thought it funny, and Inny was less than pleased. :-) :-)

(you can see the smoke wafting around the table, but no flame - sigh)

Oh well. :-) :-)

I woke up Saturday morning and found this in the kitchen.

That cat is going to be the death of me. We've started hiding the toilet paper at she found a replacement activity to keep herself entertained at night.

I cleaned up the mess, puttered around the house a little, then headed off to the hair salon.

My hair used to be board straight. And long. (Tuck it into my jeans long.) In college, I cut it off to my shoulders in a friends kitchen. With kitchen shears. (not a good idea)

I then had another friend (with an actual degree in hair styling and such) perm it for look like Julia Roberts hair in some movie she was in. (I can' t remember which one right now).

Anyway, ever since then, I can grow my hair for years and year....have it cut short (like less than 1 inch long short - ugh - that was a mistake I'll not be repeating!!)....anyway....after all of that, it still grows in curly. I went from naturally straight hair, to naturally curly. The perm change the chemical composition of my body...or something. I don't know, I can' t explain it.

Anyway!!! My hair is shoulder blade length again....and with the's a natural winter parka on my head. HOT, hot hot!!!!!! So, my appt on Saturday was going to straighten it...permanently.

She colored my hair (to hide those pesky stray grays), then washed it.....then, with no conditioner (ouch!) she brushed it all out, blow dried it dry (an hour long process), then proceeded to coat it with the straightening solution. Then, after I was fully coated with the goo....and sat for my 15 minutes....she blow dried it (again - another hour process - but she got help this there were two of them doing it)....then flat ironed it straight.

Did you notice that no where in that process was "wash out the straightening goo?" Yep, that's right's still on my hair. I can't wash it for 92 friggin hours!!!!


And, I can't tuck it behind my ears or put it in a pony tail...or it will be permanently in the tucked behind ears or ponytail position. No bike helmets...nothing. Can't get it wet, so no kayaking.

(double sigh)

I made it one hour without tucking it behind my ears....ONE HOUR!!! :-)

I decided that if it's down, it's tucked behind my who cares if it's like that permanently?!?! Plus, it' just those two pieces of hair, so if I want them straight "non tucked"...I'll just get out the flat iron for a minute or two.

After I got home from my 4 hours at the salon, Mot and I went out to eat. We decided to try a new place somewhat near our house.

California Taco

We won't be going again. It's a busy place, so obviously there aren't others that share our opinion. The taco shells were as thick as pancakes (and curiously similar in texture).....the chicken in the taco was lacking of any seasoning....and half a tamale required me to put a second mortgage on the house. But the guacamole was rockin' good! :-)

From there we headed to the grocery store, then Blockbuster, then home.

We don't rent allot of movies.....but it was going to be a lazy weekend (since I couldn't do anything that would get my hair messed up or wet = man, that really stinks!!!!).

I've recently gotten hooked on the TV series Weeds. So I picked up season 3 for $.99 while I was there. And...I STILL can't get the theme song out of my head. I've been humming it all morning today as well. :-)

It's amazing how many artists have covered this song. All the different genres of music...makes me giggle. :-)

Anyway.....we'd been texting with The Boys all afternoon about possibly getting together and playing cards. When we got home, I noticed we'd missed the last texts. They were at Nebraska Furniture Mart loading up furniture into their vehicles....and were going to be a while, because they were going to have to make multiple trips. I grabbed my keys, yelled at Mot to come downstairs, and we headed off to help.

While at their place, this was going on in the green space outside.....

A little nerf SCA action. There were about 6 or 7 of them in total...and I had to be stealthy to get the shot. Apparently the dude with the shield had just taken a shot from the guy with the foam ax, just as I took the pic.

It was all I could do to not go over and ask if I could join in!!!!!!! :-)

After unloading all the furniture and such, we headed to our place to play some cards. Canasta, our new favorite game for the time being. :-)

For the last week, I've been punching holes in my quartet music, to put it all into a new binder. Saturday afternoon, Nala (one of our cats) walked up to the pile of hole punches and started sniffing them. She apparently sniffed to hard, and stuck one to her nose. To get it off....she sneezed. Hole punches everywhere!!!! :-)

As The Boys were walking through the living room on their way out....Danny took it upon himself to "puff" the pile of hole punches (that I'd picked up) all over the living room. For the second time that day. :-)

Sunday was possibly the laziest day EVER!!!! Although, it did start with this......

We apparently forgot to put the roll up and out of sight before going to bed.

Does anyone have an suggestions for stopping this????

(Ideas other than shooting her in the head with a 12 gauge...Mot has already submitted that suggestion.)

After cleaning up the mess....again....I finished watching Weeds Season 3, Bride Wars and we both watched Taken. I also killed numerous amount of brain cells watching Sunday weekend TV.

And, I ended up going to bed early because I was so darned tired. I hate how being lazy makes me more tired, than if I'd actually gotten up off my butt and accomplished something!!! :-)


Brook said...

sounds like a nice weekend to me! Maybe you could figure out a way to make a cloth roll(remember those towels tht used to be in public bathrooms all those years ago-long long ago)that way she could get the rolling action she likes without the shreds. I don't think I could go that long without washing my hair-that just seems crazy to me. And I would love to have some kind of curl to my hair(it used to be so long I could not brush it to the ends) Nerf wars! We got some nerf stuff to have battles in the yard last summer-and wore those suckers out-it's a lot of fun innit? We usded to play canasta at my Nana's. I don't remember how to play but I do remember how much fun it was. It makes me crazy to feel more tired after a long day of nothing too!

Northwest Minuteman said...

interesting blog! Another one you might enjoy:

mo.stoneskin said...

Hmm. Are you sure that was the cat? Not a drunk crashing about the kitchen trying to clean up spilt beer?

Nej said...

@ Brook, for right now, we just have to remember to put all paper products out of reach at night. For people who don't want kids, we kept ending up with children like problems with our pets. Karma?? :-) :-)

The not washing my hair thing is killing me...but at least (as of now) it doesn't look greasy or look like it's not been washed. I'm wondering what one more day will look like. I can wash it Wednesday am!!!

@ NW Minuteman, welcome and thanks!

@ Mo, a drunk with really long fingernails. You're right, I'm sure that's what it is. :-)

Although, unless they brought the beer to spill....they'd have tough luck at our place. I'm not sure that we have much in stock right now. Maybe a couple bottles of Guinness and that's it. We're in desperate need of restocking. :-)

Amy said...

My stick straight hair drives me crazy-I wish I had a little curl! Oh, well..i guess what ever we don't have is what we desire. Once i broke my pinkie finger catching a water logged nerf ball. I was on the 3rd or 4th date w/ my now husband. Trying to be cool-I didnt let it show how it hurt..the next day it had swelled up like a little blue sausage!
Sounds like that kitty needs a time out!

Nej said...

@ Amy, ah, to have stick straight hair again!! I can't wait! And to think, this all started 10+ years ago when I permed it because i was sick of the straight hair. It all comes a full circle, I tell ya. :-)

My sister has GORGEOUS naturally curly hair. My curl was an ugly thing. It's why I would get it permed even though it was naturally curly...the curls were so ugly when they came on their own. :-)

Anonymous said...

LIES woman you LIE.. your curls were NOT bad.. in fact they look rather good on you.. so shuttie with the self deprecation on my shift.

love ya


course I am kinda diggin the straight haired look to. . . so .
umm . . . nevermind Ill go back to cooking.

Nej said...

Ah, but my sweets, you never really got to see the curls - without perm. :-) :-) :-)

Self deprecation, eh??

Being Brazen said...

your cats obsession with shredding things is so funny to read about - but Im sure its not so funny to have it happen so often...what a pain.

Nej said...

@ Being Brazen, we laugh every time we see it. It's a pain, but we laugh like 3 year olds. :-) Of all the things she could decide to shred, paper products is the lesser of the evils. :-)

Employee No. 3699 said...

Your cat and the paper products crack me up.

Season 4 of Weeds just came out on DVD; it's a MUST see. You'll watch every episode in one day as you won't want to wait to see what happens next. And the season finale? Great. Season 5 starts next Monday and I can't wait!

Nej said...

#3699 - I watched the first 2 seasons in one weekend...and then season 3 in one weekend (only because we had people over, or I probably would have finished it all in one sitting) :-) :-)

I was trying to see if I could watch them online, like on Hulu or something, but not seeing it. Will have to go get season 4 when I have another weekend day off. :-)

Badass Geek said...

First, "Weeds" is awesome.

Secondly, your cat musn't care too much about it's carbon footprint.

Nej said...

@ Badass Geek, if her carbon footprint was a tangible object she could shred, she'd shred it too. Guaranteed. :-)