Friday, June 26, 2009

Mot vs the Printer

Two posts in one day...and on a Friday none the less. But hey, it's my blog anniversary, and I can post again if I want to!!!! :-)

Mot was upstairs on his computer last night, playing in some Quake tournament. Mom and I were downstairs in our living room, working on the laptops.

Greedily soaking the life from his 'ping.'

I can only assume he gave up playing, and switched to surfing the net. Because after some time we hear this from upstairs...

Mot: "AArrrrggggghhhhhh.....this f**king printer sucks donkey balls!!!"

(mumble, mumble, slam)

Mot: "F**k. Just print, you stupid piece of cow sh*t!"

Nej: "What's up babe?"

Mot: "You. Piece. Of. Crap."

(slam, bang....crunch) You can hear pieces of plastics being flexed to just under their breaking point.

Nej: "You gonna go all office space on it's a$$, honey?"

Mot : "PC load letter - what the f*ck does that mean?" (At least he still had his sense of humor!)

Mot: "Well no wonder it does that! What kind of piece of shit design is this? What numb nuts decided that would be a good idea."

After some more cussing, and threats of throwing it out the upstairs window, and promises of killing it's first born child...I hear the tell-tale 'thump thump thump' of Mot trudging down the stairs.

In his hands are three pieces of paper.

Well, one can only assume it was once paper.

The objects he was holding in his hands resembled the tangled mess you get when trying to find a paper jam in an office copy machine.

The top right hand corners were all perfectly, and separately dog-eared. The pages themselves were smudged, smeared and splattered with black and brown globs of wet ink and dry ink dust.

In addition, the words printed on the pages were cockeyed and sideways.

You could see Mot's hands visibly shaking when he held the pages out for us to see.

Mot: "What's wrong with this picture?"

Mot vs Printer, Printer wins.

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Anonymous said...

The printer still lives
at least for now...

it did NOT win woman.. the war is NOT over.. it will NOT last the week.. IT WILL DIE

stupid machine.. come on its never worked right I hate it.. HATE IT... HHHHAAAAAATTTTEEEEEEE IT


your blog is siding with the damn printer.. three trys at the damn verification word and it still wont let me post.. its a conspiracy man

Nej said...

The printer and the word verification have gotten together to black ball you in the electronic world. :-)

Mot said...

ahh ha I have beaten the silly electronic black ball by remembering my signon.. fear me electronic objects

stupid printer.. still hostile about that damn thing.. going to check the adds were are getting a color laser

woot mot

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Mot vs the printer sounds a lot like Matt vs the flooring in my daughter's room from earlier in the day.

It's still only 2/3 done. What was supposed to be a nice afternoon project quickly denegrated into a very expansive exercise in the field of New and Creative Swearing.

Good times, good times.

Nej said...

@ mjenks, flooring was supposed to be a nice casual afternoon activity?? Really? (hehehe)

Brook said...'s been so long. Office Space is one of the best movies ever...and coupled with personal printer's good to be back!

Nej said...

@ Brook, it's good to have you back!!!!!! :-)