Thursday, May 14, 2009


My buddy Laura and I went to see Wicked last night, at the Orpheum theater in Omaha.

Wow, wow, wow!!! That's all I can say.

Really! I!!!

The costumes were beautiful, the sets were crazy good, the two lead actresses blew me away.

It was funny, it was sad, it was entertaining.

I got busted trying to take a picture of the stage before it started. Curtain was down, house lights still on....flashes were going off all over the place.....but they, of course, pick me to make an example out of. :-) :-)

Old guy who works there: Ma'am, have you already taken pictures?

Nej: What?

Old Guy: Pictures, have you taken some?

Nej: Eh? (leaning closer)

OG: You aren't permitted to take pictures.

Nej: OK.

OG: You were taking some.

Nej: No. Showing my friend here pictures of the deck we built this last weekend. She hasn't seen them yet.

OG: (looks at me suspiciously)

Nej: No really. See....look. (showing him pictures on my camera) This is a view of the whole deck. This is a close up shot of the corners. This is a shot of the other side. This is a....

OG: That's a nice deck.

Nej: It is, isn't it?? (flash from a camera appears just then)

Nej: Boy, it looks like you got the wrong gal. Where did that camera flash come from? (bats her eyes)

The old guy left. He said nothing, and he walked back to his post. He didn't bust any more people for flashes....but every time I lifted my camera to "show Laura pictures" I got the evil eye. (hehehe)

I decided using a camera might be a bit too obvious and got my phone out.

Still under the watchful eye of the old guy, I snapped this with my phone. I just wanted a picture of the stupid dragon. I wasn't taking pictures of the show, of the costumes.....just the darn dragon. That everyone could already see. Geeezzzz!!!!! :-)

If the show comes to a town near you, save you pennies and nickels...and go. Trust me on this one. It was wicked cool. :-)

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mo.stoneskin said...

That 'showing Laura' trick was awesome. I've used it before myself. I've also taken phone pics by pretending to be on the phone but standing at the required angle.

Nej said...

They don't expect you to engage them in's funny.

I once got busted for putting my feet on the back of the seat ahead of me at the movie theater. When the young kid came to tell me to put them down, I offered him popcorn before he could speak. It flustered him so badly, he walked away, forgetting why he came down. :-)

Phat Mama said...

I'm mad jealous that you saw Wicked! I've been wanting to see it forrevvaa.

And I'm taking BS courses from you!

Nej said...

Phat Mama....I'll admit, it wasn't that long ago I'd not have known what it was. I happened upon the book, by accident, at the bookstore one day.

I'm a fan of musicals, and went not knowing what to expect. Laura offered to let me borrow her CD of the music, but I refused. Surprises can be so much fun!!!!

The show knocked me off my was wonderful! :-)

Brook said...

I just have one question-did they have the Quadling guy?

Nej said...

Quadling guy....which one? Emerald City is in Quadling Country isn't it?

Watching Wicked really messes with you viewpoint of the original Wizard of Oz movie, that's for sure. :-)

I really need to hit the bookstore and start reading the books. Aren't there like 14 of the originals, and them more written by other authors?

Brook said...

In the book "Wicked", the quadling had a affair with both of Elphaba's parents.
The original Oz books were good-it's been a long time since I read any of them. I think like 25 years or something. I'm old. *snort*
They might be worth rereading in light of our current financial situation.

Nej said...

Yeah....I definitely need to get not only Wicked out again...but the originals as well. I've forgotten so much!!!

The affair that produced Elphaba was, of course, mentioned in the musical...but that's it really.

Not nearly as in depth as the book. In fact, the early years (focused on in a good portion of the beginning of the book) were kinda skipped over.

Not needed to enjoy the show, but it adds a little when you have the knowledge.

I'd say more...but hate to give out spoilers to those who haven't seen it. :-)