Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Update #17, Garage Sales, Card Games and a Basement

Friday was a typical Friday before a long weekend. Most of management was gone golfing, and the rest of us were left to hold down the to speak.

Robin stepped up to help cover the front desk reception area. I can only imagine the sacrifice she had to make. The pain, the tears........

....the paper cuts.

After work, she and I went to my sister's to start getting set up for the garage sale. Unloading our cars, and going back to my house to fill up the Jeep.

We also had Mot's enchiladas and a couple alcoholic beverages before we headed back to Inny's place. :-)

After everything was unloaded, the three of us set out to place signs around the neighborhoods and busy streets near her house.

We used the pieces of pallets, cut up the night before (while wearing flip flops) and attached large pieces of cardboard to them. We then took the printed garage sale signs I made on my computer, put them into page protectors, and taped those to the cardboard.

Rain was in the forecast, again, and we were determined to have signs that wouldn't melt. :-)

Armed with signs and hammers, we drove around, banging the planks into the ground. Let's just say the ground was softer in some places, than it was in either. While on the corner of 96th and Q, someone yelled at my sister "Nice Ass!" She was glowing about it the rest of the night! :-)

Saturday morning came very quickly. I headed to my sisters place and arrived just as she was opening the garage. I helped move the larger items out of the garage and into the driveway.

We started off the morning pretty well...with a large van full of dudes on their way to the construction site. Literally. They all swarmed the place, bought women's and children's xbox...and some kitchen goods...then put on their bright orange construction vests before loading back into the van and leaving. :-)

Doug, my bro-in-law came out of the house about then, and said "Well...the rain this afternoon is going to arrive here in about 30 minutes."

Argh! that's 9:00 am, not afternoon! Meteorologists (sigh)

We loaded most of the stuff back into the garage (the thankfully very large and empty garage - so there was room for everything, and still room to walk around)...and covered the larger stuff with plastic I had brought with me.

No more had we covered it, when this hit.....

Rain, rain, rain. :-)

It last maybe 20 minutes or so, before blowing over. Just enough rain to make it HOTTER THAN HELL, AND MUGGY TO BOOT!!! :-)

We finally closed up shop at 4:00. We had a steady stream of people until 3:00. The holiday weekend sale surprised me, and exceeded my expectations. We had as many as 20 people at a time in that garage.....usually, no less than 5 or so people at any given time.

We loaded everything that was left into my Jeep and headed to Goodwill to drop it off. To be able to put everything left into my Jeep (and a few items in Inny's car) is saying allot. We started with allot of crap. :-) :-)

I tried to sleep in on Sunday. It didn't work. Mainly because I could hear this strange noise coming from our bathroom. I finally got up at about 6:30 to inspect.

This is what I found...

Morgan is addicted to shredding toilet paper. (sigh)

We tried to stay home and be lazy...but it just didn't work. Initially, we were supposed to drive to Western Nebraska with Mot's folks to get the grave tour of his relatives...but both of his parents were ill that week, and weren't up to it. (Unofficially, his mom single handedly shut down the school she it was suspected she has swine flu - crazy eh?) She's fine, and so is his all is well.

Instead, we went to Cabela's to get Mot some pants that were on sale. Then we went to our favorite brewery for lunch.

After lunch we drove to the other side of town to a nursery...looking for a lime tree. Sadly all they had were Meyer Lemon limes. :-)

The boys came over that night for dinner (Pizza Shoppe pizza) and cards. We played 2 games of Pinochle, then decided to run up to Target before they closed. A new board game was our mission.

UNO spin is what we came home with. I love UNO, but I'm also a traditionalist when it comes to games. Monopoly needs the Scottie and the Top Hat games pieces, boardwalk, railroads.

Not Animalopolgy, NASCARopoly, Strawberry Shortcakeopoly.....

OK...I made that last one up.


But, having said that....UNO Spin gets two thumbs up from me and the gang. It's the same game...just with one little twist thrown in. They merely improved upon a good thing...and didn't try to change it. Way to go UNO folks! :-)

Monday morning....I heard that sound again.

I'm going to kill that cat. :-)

I spent the day going back and forth between the back yard (to check on our ailing - and now gone) dog Rowan...and the basement.

I was in the basement for 3 reasons #1, it's a mess and is the last place that really needs some serious organizing in the house. #2, it's cool down there, and these 90 degree days are starting to wear on me already. #3, it kept me busy, and my mind off the dog.

My closet is in the basement. Mainly because that's where the laundry room is, and I was sick of hauling all my clean clothes back upstairs, only to throw them down the chute for washing again.

Who am I kidding?!?! I was going down stairs to dig through the piles of clean clothes, because I didn't WANT to haul them back upstairs. So my solution was to move my whole closet down there. :-)

Anyway, I spent a fair portion of the day moving where my closet was located, organizing the storage side of the basement....and doing laundry.

For being a holiday weekend...we didn't spend it doing any of the traditional things. BBQ's, family get togethers....riding around in the back of pickups playing music for anyone who wanted to listen...

Oh, that was Cowguy. By the way....BEST way to spend the weekend. I'm totally jealous!
If you don't read his blog, you should. Cracks me up every time I do!!! You can click here and here to read about his pickup truck, travelling band weekend. I love it!!! :-)


Brook said...

Sounds like a mostly fun weekend-except for the parts that weren't. I like your cast of characters-very nice. Congrats on the yard sale! We like board games and =( have no one to play them with us. Our closet is full of games that hardly ever get taken out. But I wonder...I love the closet in the basement-I !!!!!hate!!!!lugging laundry around and folding it-much less putting it away. Brilliant!
Cats and toilet paper. Oh yeah baby!
What else-oh yes, a well spoken(or yelled) "Nice Ass" can certainly make someones day!

Nej said...

I was talking to "the boys" this weekend....and said I needed to make a list of people I blog about. There are so many nicknames being thrown around, sometimes, when you come into a blog and dont' know the main gets confusing. I've found this with blogs I thought, "hey, why not?"

I just started it today, so it's a work in progress. :-)

LOVE LOVE LOVE board games :-)

Cowguy said...

Oh you and your blatant plugging of my blog. (the check's in the mail btw)

You need to work this toilet paper shredding cat thing with an additional pet. A hamster. You've got a ready supply of fresh bedding as long as the cat has it's tp fetish.

PS great shower curtain.

Nej said...

Cowguy - A hamster huh? Never thought about it like that. Way to put a positive spin on a very annoying addiction of my cat's!! :-) :-)

Badass Geek said...

Sounds like you had a kick-ass weekend!

Nej said...

Or, a nice ass weekend, if you ask my sister. :-) :-)

Slyde said...

if you like UNO, you should try Stichlen. Its german, and quite fun!

Employee No. 3699 said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend. You got a few things done and had fun too.

Nej said...

Slyde - Stichlen. I'll have to look into it. :-)

#3699 - We did, we did!