Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ignorance is the parent of fear.....

Fears...we all have them.

Some of them have reasons...stories....memories.

A spider once had babies in my room, under my bed. It, and it's babies, feasted on my back one night while I was sleeping. My entire back was covered in hundreds of spider bites. It was swollen, itchy, and painful. I didn't tell my mom....figured she'd say something about me needing to clean under my bed more often! :-) The school sent me home that day, after my gym teacher saw my back while I was changing for class. To this day, I'm not fond of spiders. Go figure! :-)

Some are caused by overactive imaginations.

I once wouldn't go into my bedroom, because a red stain on the carpet, in the middle of my room (that had been there forever) was, in my mind.....going to spontaneously combust. Trapping me in my room to burn and perish in gruesome ways.

Some fears make sense.

Drowning, burning, torture......it makes sense to be afraid of these things.

And some fears are irrational....they make no sense what so ever.

Eyelash curlers....just the very idea of using one scares the crap out of me. It's silly really, I mean, people all over the world use them. What harm could come of such a simple device?

Does anyone out there have a fear that makes no sense? Irrational with a capital 'I'??

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mo.stoneskin said...

That spider story is terrifying. I liked playing with spiders as a kid. One day there was a massive one in the bath. I doused it in shampoo for a laugh and watched it shrivel up and die from osmosis (I think) or something. That spider's vengeance has haunted me ever since.

Nej said...

I wrote a post (ages ago) about another spider encounter. I guess we're just not meant to be friends. :-)


Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

That spider story is CRAZY. I would think you were weird if you didn't have a phobia.

I LOVE your profile. Cracks me up.

I'll be back. :)

Nej said...

@ Jan - welcome, and thanks for stopping by!!!!!

When I was single, I was known to smash a spider on the wall here and again, leaving it as a warning to others. (Actually, I might have even mentioned that on my blog before.) :-)

Mot (hubby) just takes them outside now...and feeds them. (shudder)


Gwen said...

All my fears are normal: spiders, violent storms, bugs in general, etc. Booooring.

Nej said...

@ mo - The spider's vengeance is a wicked, wicked thing. :-)

@ Gwen - not boring. Sane. Some people (most people) probably think I'm nuts. :-)