Thursday, March 5, 2009

"You think it, I ink it."

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos. ~Author Unknown

Roughly 10 years ago, Mot got his first tattoo. It was a bachelor gift from his buds before we got married.

He spent many a masters and doctorate hour in the wetlands of Nebraska and Illinois. He would talk about seeing the herons. His sister in law's dad took a picture that was published in Nebraskaland Magazine...and Mot fell in love with it.

I was working with a friend who is 80% or so covered in tattoos, and she recommended a local Omaha artist.

Dick Warsoki. A tattoo legend. He's old school, and has been in the business for a long time. If you watch LA Link on TV, then you know one of the artists Corey Miller. Dick gave Corey his first push into the tattoo world. He met him a day or so before leaving for a tattoo convention...and told Corey he should go and sleep on the floor of their hotel room.

Dick is known best for his native American work...and his wildlife work is amazing. This picture of Mot's tattoo just doesn't do it justice!!! I need to get the good camera out and actually do something with lighting and such to get a good one.

A few months ago, Mot found out that Dick had come back out of retirement and had opened a new shop in Omaha, HEBE GB Tattoo. He made an appointment almost immediately, and yesterday the day finally arrived.

I went down over my lunch hour to talk to them while they were getting everything set up...and for about 5 minutes into the tattoo, then had to get back to work. I couldn't WAIT to get home and see how it turned out.

Dick is an awesome laid back dude. Open and inviting. The boys were talking about Dick's hobby of rebuilding old school hot rods when I left. I wanted to take more pictures...but didn't want to invade his space. So.....that's right, Nej resisted the urge to take a million pics. I just got this one from the corner where I was sitting, and called it good. :-)

Again, the picture isn't the best....and it's still pretty red from being new.

First, a heron.
Then, a raven.
Next, he wants to do a Phoenix (in color).
And, at one time he'd talked about doing an owl. I hope he does. I bet that will look sweet!!!

Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to get!! (ssshh, don't tell my mom) :-)


Brook said...

How much? And can I come stay with you when I save the money and have my idea sorted better? Those are awesome-I love that black and grey work, awesome beautiful tattoos. I'd rather have a little color-I am a girl after all. I am totally serious btw!

Nej said...

Heck yeah you can come stay...but only if I can come with you when you get it!!!

He does great work, and from what he told me, the chick in the shop with him is awesome as well. I've been trying to see if I can find some of her stuff online for you to see, but not having much luck. She does a wonderful job with color. I was looking through her portfolio yesterday....and this tattoo of a panda in the middle of bamboo growing was insane. She also did this amazing elephant...and does great portrait work.

I just can't decide what I want to get. I'm a wuss, but a full back piece would rock!

One of these days I'll decide. :-)

(btw, totally serious, come on up!!)

Brook said...

Seriously ballpark figure cause I will have to save up. Come with-I'll need someone to cuss with.

Anonymous said...

That one took 3 hours in the chair. The nice thing about dick is that hes done EVERYTHING. If he does not like a tattoo idea he doesn't do it. It his shop his rules. Ya gotta love that. figure about 80 bucks an hour


Nej said...

Holy crap folks!! Do you see that anonymous post? That's Mot! He actually commented on a post!

Remember where you were when you saw it. You'll have a story to tell the grandkids.

"I remember what I was doing when I read the first comment Mot ever posted."

"Where were you grandma/pa?"

"Well....I....I was reading the blog comments...yeah, that's where I was. Where else would I be?"


Brook said...

He is proud of his ink and couldn't resist! Thanks for the additional info-I wish I could get $90 bucks an hour but actually that is a pretty good rate for someone who has mastered his craft.