Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So, I had this dream last night.....

I'm one of those people that dreams every night. Most of the time I remember them if I want to....but so many of them are so darn strange...I've found it better for my sanity if I don't. :-)

Last night was no exception. Except, I couldn't forget it, even though I tried.

I was on a reality TV show. Top Chef

And it was on a cruise ship.

And all of the contestants were models. And, apparently, so was I. Participating in America's Next Top Model.

At the same time as the Top Chef thing.

Yeah, that's the part where I knew it was a dream. Granted, me being on Top Chef should have been the first clue...as I hate to cook. But the model part really gave it away. :-)

So....we get our challenge. We have to find the "A.R.M." Room (which we all understood meant kitchen for the executive offices on the top floor of the ship) and create this meal. Meal instructions to be given once we find the room.

We all head off, in teams, down into the bowels of the ship. Because after watching Titanic, we all know the kitchens are down there. Right? (shaking my head) I'm not too bright in my dreams - it's very annoying.

So.....we're running around this ship, trying to find the right ladders that will take us to the kitchens. We're cutting each other off, not holding elevators for each other, the competitive juices were flowin'.

I finally come across someone that works there (the ship seems to be pretty empty at the time)...and he tells us, very simply (because we're all dumb models of course) that the kitchens for the executive offices, are really close to the offices. Duh!!!

So, back up we go. We all end up in the kitchen at about the same time. The challenge was to make these really disgusting looking entrees. First you take this green glob, and press it into a specific shape. Then you take miniature hot dogs and crush them up. Then you add this Cinnamon spice to the hot dogs and put the mixture inside the green glob. After that you put this corn and bean salsa on top. Once you do that, the green glob cooks (without oven, none the less) and becomes a brown thick tortilla looking thing.

(Like I said, I dream like I've smoked crack before bed....every night!!!!)

We were supposed to make like 50 of them. In a certain amount of time.

Well......we made 3 or 4, tops. The other teams made even less. And ours looked the best, which isn't saying much.

After the time was up....we had to take the dishes to the panel, so they could check em out, taste them...and award a winner.

Seems simple...but not so much. Next thing I know, we're all practicing our runway walks. Because the judges are all going to judge our walks...and then the food tasting will be at the end of the runway.

And I keep thinking to myself....um, OK...I can walk in high heels.

Yes - for some reason, I still think I can win. HELLO!!!!!!

From there, the dream got really crazy, because my alarm kept going off. I'd hit the snooze, and fall back into the dream...but each time, it got stranger and stranger. I never did find out if we won...but the judges definitely liked our food better.

At one time, when I fell back asleep...we were all on a school bus...in the woods.

It was then when I finally shut the alarm off and got up. :-)

(Had to use this picture when I found it online....a double school bus, some people have too much time on their hands!)

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Sass said...

This is the THIRD crazy dream post I've read today. And the THIRD crazy dream comment I've left.

I dreamed last night of finding my mother dressed as a leather-clad dominatrix...

And I kept referring to Madonna as "Mooda."

And my 5 year old was getting married to a little boy with progeria (the disease that causes children to age too quickly).

And Dr. Zibbs from That Blue Yak was a principal at a middle school and liked to use the little girls' bathroom.

What the heck?!?!?!?

Nej said...

The end of the world is approaching. These dreams are like the Four Horses of the Apocalypse. :-)

A leather-clad dominatrix, eh? I'm not quite sure what to say to that. (hehe)

And as far as Zibbs using the little girls room...well....

I've never met him in person, but after reading his blog for a while now....I'm surprised he hasn't shown up in a dream of mine, in one way or another. He's just so damned off the wall. I love it. :-)

Brook said...

Well, that was a crazy dream-I envision all you model/cooks running around like something out of Keystone Cops. As for the rest? Tacos are good. Thiese kind of dreams are the ones that end up waking me up and turning my brain on making it impossible to fall back to sleep. I love the "double decker" bus. And lay off the crack a little;)

Nej said...

Keystone Cops is right. There was cooky music playing and everything. :-)