Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Cow!!

The little temperature readout on my computer says it's 69 degrees outside!!! We had inches of snow on the ground this morning...and not a lick of the white stuff can be found now.

What's with the weather this year??

I went walking over lunch.....brought my running shoes and a tshirt to change into. (The big boss is out of town, so we're all wearing jeans.) But....after walking about 10 minutes, I was really wishing I'd brought a change of pants (yoga pants, or shorts, or something) as well. I was melting!!!!! :-)

I have a hair appointment tonight, but it sure would be nice to take that new bike of mine out for a spin around a local lake or something. Hmmmmm........


Sass said...

I'm walking to school today to have lunch with my son.

Nej said...

Sass - I'm jealous!!!!! :-)

This is perfect weather, but you wouldn't find me complaining if it would happen on the weekends once and a while. :-)

Yesterday, 70' 60's.....this weekend...rainy and 40's.

I love 40's and rain, don't get me wrong. But those days are even better during the week. It's amazing how much more productive I am at work when the weather is cool and rainy. :-)