Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Update #3

Another weekend has come and gone. Monday morning slapped me in the face as my alarm starting screaming at 5:36. Persistent thing! :-)

Friday night was great. I went straight home from work, changed clothes...then the two of us headed to Danny and Steve's place for a night of card playing. All four of us were excited to find out we all knew how to play a card game, that we didn't know anyone else knew how to play. There were a few small rule differences, and we played the games both ways...for scientific reasons of course. :-)

Us - Progressive Rummy
Them - International Rummy
Same basic rules, only a couple of small differences.

They also taught me how to play pinochle. Let me say, learning to play cards with them is SOOOOO much more fun than learning a card game from Mot's side of the family. Danny and Steve understand it's just a game....Mot's family think it's like or death. :-)

They introduced me to Meyer's Rum and Pineapple Juice. I'm not a pineapple juice fan, but I ended up finishing off their bottle of rum, and the can of juice. Yummy!

Danny taught Mot the finer points of cream sauces, while making a mushroom sauce and penne pasta. Steve grilled some wonderful pork (the secret was in the marinade). I can't stand mushrooms, but cleaned my plate and then some. Quite tasty!!!!

We played cards (and about 30 minutes of MarioKart on the Wii) until nearly 3:00 am. Great night!!!!! The four of us are contemplating a trip to Dublin, Ireland in March, or maybe just an extended long weekend in New Orleans. They lived there for a number of years, and could give us quite the tour. :-)

Morgan (our youngest - cat) woke me up at 7:00 Saturday am, insistent I feed her....but Mot was able to sleep until about 10:00 (lucky dog). We showered, dressed and headed out for the day. First stop, Mo. Valley to visit some friends of ours (they own a gun shop - and Mot hadn't been in for a while). After that, we drove into the Loess Hills to do some hiking. We ended up not hiking - as it was 1 foot thick mud and muck. The 50 degree day and melting snow were to blame.

So, instead of hiking, we hit every bike shop in Omaha. We found our new bikes (need to save our pennies), and started looking for gear as well. Yep, Mot is completely on board with the bike trip out East that I'd like to do!!! In fact, the more I told him about it, the more excited he was. Yeah!!!!!!!!

It's a 335 mile trail from Washington DC to Pittsburgh. The trail follows the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal. We'll load up our camping gear, and head out for the week of riding. Should be a blast!!!!!!

From there, we hit a bookstore, then met our old bowling partners for dinner. We hadn't seen them in 5-6 years. It's amazing how life can get away from you, isn't it???? We got home about 9:00 and hit the sack.

Sunday am, Mot got up to feed the cats and I laid in bed for a while. We had both declared Sunday "lazy day." I put on the comfiest clothes I could find (which usually means the most unattractive - the two go hand in hand), and laid on the couch all day watching DVR'd episodes of House. (ALL DAY LONG!!)

At one point, we did put on normal clothes and head to the grocery store. (Meyers Rum and pineapple juice in our cart, of course!) Then came back home, put the comfy clothes back on, and resumed my place on the couch.

Mot spent the day with his new hobby, baking bread. He made a rockin' chiabata....and a not so good wheat. The wheat had a good consistency, but little to no flavor. Now it's a mission, he can't let the wheat bread win. :-)

I decided to do our taxes while watching House....multi-tasking at it's finest!!!!

At about 9:00, I drug myself into the bedroom to read. I don't remember Mot coming to bed....I was OUT!!! :-)


Brook said...

Sounds like a fun bike/camping trip. My dad took us camping in that area several times when we were young. And rum and pineapple juice sound yummy-like a pina colada minus the colada which I also like. My mom goes to Omaha nearly every year for business and one time oh, 18 or so years ago I made it as far as Wahoo, NB in job as a traveling door to door salesman. Isn't that funny?

Nej said...

Small world, isn't it?? Where are you located now?

2bikers4fun said...

If your doing the "Great Allagheny Passage" you might want to check out Confluence, PA.

Brook said...

Small world indeed. We are in Asheville NC. Been here 9 years now. It is pretty nice. The mountains can be beautiful and the weather is good.

Anonymous said...