Thursday, February 12, 2009


Mot and I don't celebrate Valentines' Day. Too much commercialism, and the pressure to do something special each year just gets to be a headache more than anything. He gets me flowers during there year, here and there, for no reason in particular. I enjoy those sooo much!

Jean, my co-worker in the office next to me, called Mot on it this morning. "It's a little close to an actual holiday, isn't it?" :-)

I was away from my desk. He was trying to put them down and sneak out the door when I walked around the corner and busted him.


Brook said...

An actual arrangement! I get random flowers throughout the year too and love it-but D just grabs a cello wrapped bundle from the grocery. How lovely!

Nej said...

A random cello wrapped bundle is awesome!!! I am spoiled because we have close friends that own a flower shop.

He made a point of getting non smelly lilies this time. The last time I got flowers, they were so strong, my allergies just couldn't handle them. I had to keep them in the break room instead of at my desk. :-)