Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crazy week already.

I've been pretty bored at work the last few months, believe it or not. It's why I have so much time to read blogs, find new blogs, keep caught up on current events, etc, etc.

But after being gone last week, I'm horribly behind in my reading. I'll get caught up eventually. But the OCD-ness in me won't let me just start reading new ones...I have to read what I missed in order. This could take me a while. :-) :-)

Another crazy thing....while we were in Portland, they were having record high temperatures here in Nebraska. High 70's, blue skies.....sounded nice!

This week in Nebraska....cold, frigid, rainy. We brought Portland back with us...but took it down about 30 degrees or so. :-) Don't get me wrong, I love this rainy, cold stuff. :-) :-)

Mot doesn't have to go back to work until the end of the month some time. I'm so jealous!!! But, he's helping out around the house. I've started a list of little things that can be done here and there on his days off.

* Clean out the freezer (and get it ready for this year's hunting).
* Get all the leaves in the yard taken care of (the trees were full of them when we left...they are now all on the ground waiting for us). (and they are now wet, soggy leaves...with all the rain we've gotten last night and today - yuck!)
* Hang the last of the shelves up in the den/office/library.
* Clean the guns from our trip.
* Unpack and start putting stuff from our trip away (it's all still piled in the living room).

The new release of World of Warcraft comes out at the end of the week...then I won't see him. He's such an addict!!! :-)

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