Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

My niece, like every other niece in the world, is the cutest thing out there!!!! She's hit the 6 going on 13 stage of life. Drama, drama, drama!!!

But, Robin reminded me of something she said during the Springbrook weekend...that I just have to mention.

I'll set it up for you.....

Her older brother, Brandon, is playing with some plastic army men. He'd spent half the day watching them float down the creek...bombing them with rocks...and making those explosion noises that only a boy can make!!!!!

At one point, my mom (his Grandmother) pulled one particular army man out of the pile.....he was missing a leg......and pointed it out to Brandon.

Grandma "Brandon, one of your troops is missing a leg"
Brandon "Which one is it?"
Grandma {looking at the army man, then to Brandon, then back to army man}
Inny (his mom) "It's George."
Grandma {looking at Inny, then to army man, then to Inny}
Inny {shrugs her shoulders and smiles}

Brandon laughed...he just wanted to know it was a dude with a rifle, a grenade, etc, etc.

Then he suggests they burn his wounded soldier in the campfire. (Lord help me if that kid if left to watch me when I get old. If I lose a finger in a freak cooking accident, he'll have me cremated.)

Everyone gathered around the campfire to watch the poor, plastic, wounded G.I. Joe melt in the fire.

(no it's not an environmentally perfect story)

It was then that his sister, Lauren, walks up to the group and says, "He's not G.I. Joe. Now he's sloppy Joe." And she walks away.

Everyone {looking at the campfire, to Lauren, then back to campfire}

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