Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mot and the Keyboard

A phone call I received at work this morning.

Mot "Um, Jen.....I left a glass of water on the desk upstairs last time I was up here."
Me "And this is news how? You always leave stuff up there."
Mot "Not usually with anything still in them."
Me, to myself, not out loud "yes, yes you do honey, but your wife is the one bringing them downstairs"
Me, out loud "whatever, so....."
Mot "so, the cats spilled the water, but it's not as bad as it could be"
Me "uh huh"
Mot "the keyboard is fried, it has power, but none of the keys do anything"
Me "uh huh"
Me, to myself, not out loud "so, that keyboard that you've been aching to replace, has just been ruined so you have to replace it....hmmmmm"
Me, out loud "so, the good news is that I can officially throw any dishes I find up there, from now on, directly AT YOU?"
Mot "pretty much"

I'm not saying that he has been leaving glasses full of water, in the hopes that exactly this would happen. The guilt would kill him. But still....taking liquids up there, in non cat-proofed containers, is a risk. And this risk happened to turn out in favor for Mot. :-) :-)

(Sheila, do you remember that keyboard you were looking at getting, but couldn't justify it because it's geared more towards first-person shooter games?? Yeah, well that's the one he was heading out to buy this morning. ) :-)

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Mel said...

ha! ha! ha!

You married a smart man!

Go Mot!