Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm here, I'm alive, No worries!!!

Mondays, don't you just love em???

(sorry, I'll give you a minute to wipe the dripping sarcasm from your computer screen)

I have a post for this weekend....but have been too tired and icky to write it.

I think I'll sit down on the couch tonight, in my tshirt, yoga pants, red comfy robe (Xmas gift from Mot this last year - LOVE it!!!!), my laptop, a bowl of mac and cheese (serious comfort food), a large glass of milk, my third box of Kleenex for the weekend, and blog away. :-) :-)

I did have a little excitement today at work. A number of months ago, Omaha was plagued with a handful of tornadic attacks upon the city. Our place of business was not spared in the carnage of downed trees. This morning, a crew finally showed up to remove the dead leftovers, and trim up the living trees still existing.

(don't judge how long it took them to get's a big city, and everyone had damage to clean up)

I was most excited to see that our lawn was the training ground for a new tree remover person.

After watching 10 minutes of 'how to tie a knot' training, the trainee climbed into his climbing belt and went to work.

OK, that made it sound like he's understood what he was wasn't that simple...not at all!!!

After 10 minutes of him shaking his head, I'm not sure how his supervisor actually thought he understood. I don't have kids, but I know the "yeah, yeah, I get it, I get it. Can I climb the tree now?" head shakes. The poor boy didn't have a clue. And then, just watching him try to put his legs through the leg holes of his safety/climbing harness....oh my gosh!! Does the guy have help putting his pants on in the morning too??

Alright, I'm done being mean.

No, really...I am. (maybe)

The tree he was told to work on isn't very tall....for a tree. I mean, it's not short, but it's not a redwood or cottonwood either. It took this poor kid over 30 minutes to hoist himself up to the MID POINT!!!! He'd inch up a little...then sit there and rest. Inch up...repeat. Every once and a while, he wouldn't get his rope fastened correctly, and lose ground.

I felt sorry for the poor kid, swinging in the tree like a pinata.

His supervisor is the most patient human I've ever seen at work. The guy HAS to be getting paid by the hour, that's the only way he didn't just pull the kid down and do it himself!!!!

I successfully fought the urge to open my window and cheer when he made it to his destination. (I get brownie points for being good, right?)

I can say, after 45 minutes in this tree...that under no circumstances should our dear tree trimming trainee take it up as a career. He does NOT possess the monkey tree climbing gene. He was shaking, nervous, unsure of himself....and making me a NERVOUS WRECK just watching him.

Yes, yes, I should have been working. But I didn't want to miss the part where he falls out and hits the ground.

OK, I'll be nice....I swear.

Our whole office (because I'd told everyone what was going on, and had gathered by my window to watch) cheered when the guy got the tree trimmed and had safely arrived to the ground, on two legs!!!

Thank you tree-trimming people, for giving me something to watch out my window this fine Monday morning!

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