Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

4:30 am....alarm goes off. Mot rolls out of bed and into the shower. Is he working today? Nope...we're deer hunting! After my shower in "scent removing, the deer can still smell you, but don't know what the heck they're smelling" shampoo/body wash, we load up the Jeep and head out. Mot's parents own a nice parcel of land, that harbors quite a few of the intended target.

We change out of our clothes, into our "scent removed" hunting type camo clothing in the driveway. My camo choice of the day was an actual camo shirt....but paint splattered blue jeans. The tree stand we're sitting in today has a camo netting around it....the deer don't care if I'm wearing jeans. :-)

Mot knows his parent's property very well...he should, he grew up there. I, on the other hand, do not. I know the general lay of the land, but general is as good as it gets. After climbing over a gate that leads into the wooded portion of their land, and me showing exactly how uncoordinated I can be...Mot takes off like a shot. Not only does he know where we're going, he has a light. Guess what, I don't. I could have counted the number of times that he turned around and gave me that "oh my gosh, can you walk any slower, you silly women" look. He FINALLY figured out my slowness might have something to do with not possessing a light - or the power to see in the dark. So, he walked back to where I was and gave me his....and then took off like a shot. Hello! You are only as fast as the slowest member of your team...slow your butt down and walk with me!!! :-)

At one point, we had to cross over a barbed-wire, I hate barbed wire!!!!! I made it over without ripping a hole in my jeans...yeah! Those are my favorite jeans!!!!

Next test in this little exam called "hunting for deer with your hubby"..............ladder stand. Not only do I not like heights, but once you get to the top, you have to climb over the edge and into this 'box' on top of the stand. Holy crap!!! OK..I made it...I'm alive...and I am NOT going to think about having to come DOWN OUT OF THIS THING!!!!

Once I got settled into my perch a million miles off of the ground....I started to listen to the wilderness coming to life and waking up. As the sun started to rise, this was the view to our left and in front.

Mot and I are not riddled with patience. The skill to wait does not course through our veins.

I started taking odd pictures with my camera.

It had actually gotten cooler out since we arrived. The fog was rolling through the hills, and the sun was very red.

Sometimes he doesn't know what to make of me. Come on Mot!! The corn is still in the fields, it's just way early in the season. Don't' worry....we'll fill the freezer. Today is a gorgeous day for sitting and listening to the woods wake up, let's enjoy it and laugh. (don't mind my thumb in the shot...I was just happy that I got us both in the picture!)

He finally gave in and smiled. Enjoy life, make every moment count!!

In the middle of a whispered discussion of what style of gutter guards we want to put on the house...yes, you heard me....we're in a tree stand, talking about gutter guards. Anyway!!!! He shussshed me...and grabbed my arm. Doing his best ventriloquist impression and not moving his lips while speaking, "Jen, the deer are staring right at us." If it hadn't been for him going completely still...I would have laughed out loud. My response (out of the corner of my mouth) "Yeah right."

He didn't respond...oh holy hell...there must be something actually there. I slowly turn my head....and yep, there they are. Mama and baby. Standing there.....sniffing the air. Mama knows that we're different, and she knows that we shouldn't be there...but she has no clue what we are. She walked around, sniffing and sniffing. Somewhat spooked, but not totally. She walked all around us.....right under the stand. Checking us out...ready to run, but getting more and more relaxed with us being there.

Eventually she wanders away, chewing at things, sniffing the air....just wandering. We let her go, she was young. Finally her little one gets brave enough to move. She comes over and goes through the exact same motions her mom just went through. Classic funny!!!

Eventually, the little one wandered away in her mother's footsteps. Mot and I just started giggling under our breaths. Dang gutter guards. :-) hehehehehe

After we gave them enough time to wander away fully...we decided to call it a day. It was still pretty early in hunting time, but we were ready to head out.

Tom went down first. I tied the bows onto the rope and lowered them down one by one. Then I detached myself from the tree (I was wearing a harness...Mot is very adamant about me wearing one....not just because it's the thing you should do....but because I've been known to fall asleep while hunting. If it gets warm, I get sleepy. I have slept in some of the smallest, most uncomfortable turkey blinds imaginable. I just don't care....I can nap anywhere it seems. :-)

I couldn't put it off any longer, I had to come down. Crap, crap, crap. I swung one leg over the outside of the blind...and just stood there. I couldn't move. Deep breath Nej, just do it. No wussing out!!!! I swung the second leg over, and went for it.

The rest of the day was actually pretty uneventful. We washed and detailed my car and the Jeep. Watched a little TV. I did a little Saturday afternoon napping, and Mot played a game or two on the computer.

At 8:00, Mot headed to the gym....for kayak rolling instruction, and I'm now watching a documentary about the University of Nebraska volleyball team. I think I'm heading to bed here soon though. Busy day tomorrow.

Night folks!!!

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